The fees shown below are indicative

Monthly rate for Self-Employed and SMEs

It includes:

- Bookkeeping Services
- Tax presentation: VAT and third parties, professional withholdings,       administrator's income tax and rent withholdings
- Inquiries in corresponding Administrations
(Less than 50 entries)

* Check rates for more entries

49,95€ - 200€

Constitution of societies

It includes:

-Notary procedures

-Request for provisional and definitive CIF (ID. Number)

-Completion and presentation of Form 600
-Registration Procedures

* Notary fees or Registry costs are not included 

160 €

Preparation and presentation of the Annual Accounts and Official Books

It includes:


-Activity certificate

-Environmental Certificate

-Financial statements

-Presentation in the Mercantile Registry

-Presentation of the Official Books in the Mercantile Registry

* Notary fees and Registry costs are not included

140 €

Income Tax Statement

-Income Statement - low difficulty: € 25

Statements with draft or tax data with income from work and mortgage or rent

-Income Statement - medium difficulty: € 50

Statements with income from work and / or professional income, mortgage or rent, with other income from mobile or real estate leases

-Income Statement- high difficulty: € 95

Statements with inheritances, capital gains and losses and other special cases not subject to the previous cases.

Employee Payroll Each: 15€

It includes:

-Realization and presentation of contracts

-Registration, cancellation and modifications of the General Regime in Social Security for each contract

-Preparation and management of payroll

-Preparation and presentation of quotes

-Processing and monitoring of Temporary Disabilities and Work Accidents

-Tax Presentation: Form 110/190

-Attention to Social Security requirements

-Labour counselling

Settlement (Letter, company certificate and calculation of compensation): 30€